Thursday, October 26, 2006

I KNEW He Was S-M-R-T Smart!

Smart Man

Received this little tidbit from my weekly Dog River email ~ George Clooney is a fan! Of course he is, he's smart & likes to be entertained in a witty way. I know this cuz he told me when he came to me in a dream. That's not all he told me, but I won't get into that now!
Also here is some new merch that they are hawking ~ can't wait to get my copy! {hint-hint, anyone wanting to buy me a Christmas gift}
The description:
Look out for the first-ever CORNER GAS book entitled Tales From DOG RIVER, set to hit stores November 1. Written by Michele Sponagle with a foreward by Brent Butt and published by Penguin Books (Canada), Tales From DOG RIVER celebrates the little show that has become a national television phenomenon. Clocking in at over 200, jam-packed pages of exclusive CORNER GAS content, the book features interviews with the cast, producers and crew who reveal secrets about how the show is made, their own favourite moments, bloopers and inside jokes and behind-the-scenes trivia. Also featured are notes from famous fans (including George Clooney and Paul Martin) and a look at Rouleau, Saskatchewan - the "real" DOG RIVER.
Get your copy today! Well, not today because it's not available til November 1st, but get your copy soon!

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