Thursday, October 26, 2006

Bitching Works!

HA! Howie Mandel is vindicated & so am I! The Dramarama section of the sympatico website featuring a story on Mandel & 'Deal or No Deal' has been changed to reflect facts. See previous post for details.

Here is the edited version, with the changed sections in red:

Dealing With Canadians
Canadian game-show host Howie Mandel is going to learn to deal with his own people. Deal or No Deal is coming to Toronto to film five episodes in January that will be broadcast in Canada. So if you're a prodigy when it comes to taking wild guesses, check back with me in a couple of days and I'll tell you how you can be on the show, or at least sit in the audience and fake clap a lot. Maybe this will lead to a permanent all-Canadian version. I nominate Rick Campanelli to be The Howie. He's good at looking interested in boring situations.

I'm impressed. Bitching does lead to change. Now if only the U.N. & certain prominent Canadian politicians would read & respond to my emails regarding the ongoing armed conflict in the Darfur region of western Sudan, then we'd have something to be really proud of.

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