Friday, August 25, 2006

I'm Working, Honest!

Somebody told me a couple weeks ago that they can tell when it's not busy at work, cuz I do some postings on the blog during the day. Yeah, completely forgot about the time stamp on the bottom of each post.

So, I decided I better not do that anymore, since some people from work come on here occasionally.

This may be the reason that I've been a little slack in posting. Or it could just be laziness. Either way, deal with it!

Off to a wedding this weekend which I'm sure will be a fun time. The bride called me yesterday to see if I could do a reading during the service, & mayhaps sing a song. I love people who fly by the seat of their pants!


flibirdijibit said...

hey, you CAN adjust the time/date of your post to be whatever you want it to be. Check out the options at the bottom of the create post page! VERY sneaky!

Wilma said...

Sweet! I'm all over that.

That's just the kind of sneaky-snake stuff I like.

Wilma said...

Of course it's hypothetical, and I have also never done such a thing...
oh, and welcome back!