Monday, August 21, 2006

Weekend Adventures With Velvis

Went to Edmonchuck to visit Velvis the Bird Slayer.... poor little birdie.

Let's start out by saying that I haven't been to Edmonchuck since I was 13, traveling with a friend's aunt. I needed directions not only to Casa Velvis, but all points past Provost!

Quite the interesting sights along the way, including {but not limited to}:

  • the Bruce Stampede Grounds
  • the Ryley LBS store in an Atco trailer
  • the Kinsella Bullerama
  • and the Irma Shoe Fence

If you're ever headed that way, and pass through Wainwright, may I suggest you stop at the PetroCan/A&W for gas & a pee? I think the nicest people in all of Albertaland work there.

They must have moved there from Saskatchewan.

Friday night, we planned to see a movie {in a real, honest-to-goodness theatre, sigh. It's been sooooo long} but it wasn't meant to be so we headed to the casino instead.

Played some fun games, but it was once again Kenny Rogers & The Gambler that came through! I came out $60 ahead thanks to the amazing vocal talents of Velvis cheering me on.

Then we stayed up chatting, laughing & making dips for her Sunday party.

Saturday we donned our Adventure Hats ~ yes, they are real hats we wear on our adventures ~ and did some power shopping before.......

HORSE-RACES!!!! YeeHaw! This was a blast! The first live horse races I've ever seen. We bet on every race, using various scientific methods to pick our horses, including:

  • jockey's name
  • owner's name
  • jersey colour
  • horse's name
  • favourite numbers

We managed to win a few bets, making a total of $30 or so. Kenny was NOT my friend this day, however, and the casino was not paying out at all. Boo!

Off we went in the evening to a fabulouso restaurant of Asian Fusion food, Velvis' Snuffleupagus husband included, & my belly was stuffed with good food, good booze & good dessert.

Sad to come home, but a great weekend and long overdue. Thanx much Velvis & Bear for your hospitality, chauffeur skills, & picking up the cheque!

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flibirdijibit said...

That all sounds SO fun! We used to love going down to the horsey races too when we lived there. It's great. Glad you had a fun time....