Friday, August 25, 2006

Top 6 Bumper Stickers

We've all seen them ~ driving down the highway, desperately trying to read what's pasted on the car in front of you without ramming them or hitting the ditch.

I also happen to think they would make good pins {does anyone remember pins?} Back in the day, I had quite the collection of funny pins & wore them daily. I even made a fancy pin bulletin board {using a pattern I found in Teen Magazine, or something equally nauseating} which was basically some material wrapped around a piece of cardboard, coloured on with jiffys.

Remember when they were called jiffys, not markers? Anyone? I even made a little PacMan and stuffed it with old nylons to decorate the pin bulletin board. Mayhaps I dating myself a little?
Back on topic ~ Bumper Stickers:

6. If you're riding my ass, you better be pulling my hair!
5. Can't feed em? Don't breed 'em!
4. Damn right I'm good in bed. I can sleep for days.
3. The more people I meet, the more I like my cat.
2. Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?
1. I love children, but I don't think I could eat a whole one.


Oh Joy said...

Must say that no.6 made me giggle a little. It's so naughty.

Oh Joy said...

Oh wait, was it supposed to be naughty? Or do I have a naughty mind? It's the company I keep.

Anonymous said...

Your generation did not invent sex.

Anonymous said...

Honk if Pluto is still a planet

Wilma said...

Yeah, Number 6 is naughty. It's makes me laugh. Mayhaps I should embroider it on the seat of my jeans. HA!

Wilma said...

Is Pluto still a planet? Or did it get downgraded?
Now my "Mary Vacuumed Every Monster, Just Stand Up Now Please" doesn't work anymore.
Damn scientists, always messing where they shouldn't be.

Bruno Rocco said...

# 1 is my favorite although # 6 did make me giggle

Mystique said...

I love # 6.