Monday, August 07, 2006

Cougars And Other Big Cats

Cougars make me laugh. I'm not talking the big, mean cat with the sharp teeth though, boys & girls, although some of them do use their teeth, teeheehee. I mean the older ladies {and I use that term loosely} who go after the younger guys.

I had the misfortune to engage in encounters with younger guys back in the day, & let me tell you, older guys are where it's at! I've really never understood the fascination, & quite frankly, think it's an attempt at: 1) control and b)regaining a quickly-vanishing youth.

The whole situation tickles my funny bone. I've been at social gatherings ~ okay, parties drinking martinis ~ where we've actually sat & discussed the "rules" of Cougareah. How many years older do you have to be to be considered a Cougar? Depends on the age of the guy, apparently. How old do you have to be? Can you be considered a Cougar if you are only 26? These & many other questions shall remain unanswered at the mo, as I was a little preoccupied with the Ovation stick in my Chocolate Martini, & wasn't paying that much attention. Or mayhaps the Alzheimers is kicking in again. Whatever.

Another fun pastime is figuring out what comes after Cougar. Or before. Is it Bobcat, Cougar then Puma? Where do the Mountain Lions fit it? It's almost too much for my brain! The headache bump is protesting.

What got me onto this train of thought was a commercial for a new scent {can't call it a perfume cuz there's a men's version as well} called, you guessed it, Puma. Puma!?!? Who thinks of these things....

and how can I get that job?


Anonymous said...

Yep I agree I would love that job along with naming nail polishes and paint!!

Anonymous said...

I thought Cougars were also the ones with outrageous dyed hair, possibly acid wash jeans and maybe even white cowboy boots????

Wilma said...

Boots with tassles! And permed, back-combed hair.

I firmly believe that Cougars should be at least 15 years older than their prey to be truely classified as a Cougar.