Monday, August 07, 2006

Computer Broken, Wilma Sad

Honestly, what do you get for your money these days? Nothing! Absolutely nothing.

The computer, window into the world, answerer of questions & "aid" to everyday life, has been down for almost 2 days getting fix-ed. It all started yesterday morning when I attempted to HotSync my Palm. It 'claimed' there was no connection. Well, I gosh-darn-tootin' knew there was a connection because I had just finished downloading the photos off the digital camera!

Anyway, like Tamado's home reno's it spiralled out of control. Word & Excel both stopped working properly. It seemed like there was no hope, until.... Glennjamin, our friendly neighbourhood guru, answered the distress call faster than Superman changes out of his glasses and 3 piece suit, & to make a long story short, the computer is finally working after several virus scans, defrags, internet searches, downloads, uninstalling & re-installing of various things & sundry {not really sure of the whole process as I went outside & smoked, then grabbed some lunch with Velvis & Gladys.

So we're back up & posting. Yay! Although I did manage to force myself to start working through my to-do list, & have completed 19 of 30. Woohoo! 11 to go! I'm so proud of me. Just think what I could have accomplished if I hadn't taken a week to lay around like a slug watching 'Remingston Steele" re-runs on TVLand eating Wheat Thins out of the box!

I deserve a martini.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing goes better than wheat thins with martinis!!