Saturday, August 05, 2006

Some Things I Like To Do

A little glimpse into the world of Wilma... just in case you want to get to know me better!

I like to:

  • brush my teeth in the shower
  • tease my cat (not in a mean way, though. That would be so wrong)
  • edit the emails I receive for spelling & grammar
  • make to-do lists daily
  • ignore my to-do lists daily
  • read Tarot cards
  • shop!
  • procrastinate
  • bottle-tan my legs
  • analyze TV shows for continuity errors
  • look at my wedding photos ~ at least once a week!
  • buy presents for the people in my life
  • drink ~ oh, wait. You all know that already. Nevermind.
  • buy lotto tickets
  • obsessively read other people's opinions on Rockstar:Suave Porn on message boards.

Yeah, that's probably enough for now. More insight into Wilma's World {I think I shall name it "Wilaminia"} later!


Anonymous said...

Brush teeth in shower, mmm
AT least the toothpaste does NOT hit your shirt

Wilma said...

And you can spit and dribble all you want, carefree as a child!

Oh Joy said...

I am with you one #1, (not 2, I don't even look at the cats), 3, 4 (not #5, I like to scratch things off the list), 7, 8, 9 (but I like to get the whole body with it), 10 (kids shows are especially bad), I'm over doing 11, and I do indeed ready your Suave Porn site (who ya cheering for anyway?)

Wilma said...

Not sure on Suave Porn.

Lukas is really growing on my despite the pedophile look he's got going on.
Dilana amazes me with her stage presence.
Magni is impressing more as time goes on.

Haven't made up my mind.