Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rockstar Supernova: The Obsession Begins

The show that took up so much of my life last year is back and I'm already hooked. Rockstar:Supernova. First, let me just say how incredibly lame the name of the band is. Talk about setting yourself up for failure. Or maybe they think they'll go down in a blaze of glory, exploding like a star going supernova. Who knows? I think they all got stoned one night and threw pieces of a thesaurus in a hat and pulled out this and said "Yeah, man, that's like the best band name ever!"

Who am I kidding? As if these three guys would own a thesaurus! Or could spell thesaurus. Or have ever heard of a thesaurus.
Although, Tommy Lee did go to college, so maybe he picked up some book learnin' along with some co-eds during his time there.

Let's also note, there is already a band with the name Supernova. Google them. It's true.

Anyway, first impressions.
Storm – The Who “Pinball Wizard” ~ as my friend's 13 year old daughter said "She sings like Cher. And not in a good way"
Ryan – Goo Goo Dolls “Iris” ~ must not have made much of an impression, cuz I can barely remember this performance
Toby – Bob Dylan “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” ~ pretty ballsy to attempt this song in front of one of the guys who played it with Axl Rose singing his brilliant interpretation. Not so good.
Patrice – Jefferson Airplane “Somebody to Love” ~ best performance of the night. Loved her voice, stage presence, and hair.
Magni – Rolling Stones “Satisfaction” ~ the arrogance is shining through and who cares if you're one of the top 10 most recognizable singers in Iceland? Let's keep in mind that Iceland has a population of 299,388 (est July 2006). That doesn't impress me, and neither did your butchering of this song.
Zayra – Evanescence “Bring me to Life” ~ was outside smoking & missed this one. Heard I didn't miss much.
Jenny – Nickelback “How you Remind Me” ~ also outside smoking {I smoke King Size okay? Don't harass me!}. Heard it was bad.
Josh – Black Crowes “She Talks to Angels” ~ too nasally for my taste. Also, what's with the perma-grin? Must perfect his smoldering rockstar look if he hopes to have a chance.
Matt – Coldplay “Yellow” ~ the playing of this song left me cold. See what I did there, boys and girls? A little "wordplay" with "coldplay" hahahaha. God, I'm brilliant.
Dilana – Nirvana “Lithium” ~ what was that? I believe that she watched Rockstar:INXS faithfully and took to heart all the compliments Dave gave Marty when he performed this song. She even copied his body language. Freak.
Dana – Melissa Etheridge “I’m the Only One” ~ not a bad voice when she pushes it but too young and hick.
Phil – Living Colour “Cult of Personality” ~ finally! An original song choice. Too bad he dances like Beck. {Edit - not so original. Ty performed this in episode 1 of RS:INXS. No longer impressed.}
Jill – Janis Joplin “Piece of my Heart” ~ this little blondie from Long Island surprised me. Good voice. And if you cover her face from her nose down, she looks just like the drugged up bride bitch sister from "Sixteen Candles"
Chris – Police “Roxanne” ~ goodbye Chris. So nice not to know you. You really should be jailed for the criminal act you performed on this classic song last night.
Lukas – Billy Idol “Rebel Yell” ~ why is the creepiest, pedophile-looking guy from Canada? Who let him out? Why do we have border guards? Performance okay, but there was something wrong with his mic. All I could hear was the band.

House Band ~ still rock like crazy maniacs. Love them. When are they going on tour?

Bottom 3 ~ Chris, Magni, Jenny
Final 5 ~ okay, maybe it's too early for this.

Very disappointed in the talent {or lack thereof} displayed by contestants this year. The INXS wannabe's blew them all out of the water, except maybe Daphna who massacred "Rock the Casbah", and let's face it, walked like she had a full diaper.

So anyway, despite the crap I'm sure I'll have to put with from this bunch on stage, I will continue to watch, if only for the plethora of weird faces Tommy Lee makes while listening to the "auditionees" butcher well-known, beloved rock songs.


flibirdijibit said...

here here! looking forward to more tonight. Who will go, who will it be??!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my god I have been gone from Dodge too long--when did you start watching "REALITY TV"

Finally another one bites the dust!!

Wilma said...

They sucked me in with INXS, one of my favs from the 80's.

I will say in my defence that at least there are famous people on this one.