Monday, May 29, 2006

I Was Briefly 15 Again

INXS concert Sunday ~ sigh ~ memories....Look out boys and girls, 80's flashback!!

Garry Gary Beers couldn't have looked happier. Kirk Pengilly, seriously, what is the deal with that moustache? Doesn't affect his sax playing though, I'll give him that. The Ferris Brothers, all still sexy and rocking. Especially Tim. Yar! Wilma like, he's yummy! And finally, JD was even better than anticipated.

Having never seen INXS live "back in the day", I cannot fully compare JD and Hutch, nor should I. Unlike JD, Michael had many, MANY years of touring and playing with the band under his belt before he ever showed up on my radar. I can attest that all the band members were interacting, looked like they were having fun ~Garry and Tim were rockin' out and smilin' away ~ and gave a great performance to a surprisingly small crowd at SaskPlace. Oh. Sorry. Credit Onion Centre. Whatever.... {Wilma rolls eyes and yawns}

Where were the Lovehammers? Nowhere to be seen. Scott Stapp opened ~ I can hear you now "Who?" ~ Google him like I had to! Let's just say, he may be having some regrets over going solo. And does anyone know, has he put out a solo album? I haven't heard.


flibirdijibit said...

Hmmmm, JD is a fine one Fo'Sho'. I heard he rolled his widdle ankle during the performance?

Wilma said...

Yeah and I missed it cuz I was answering the "call of nature".

AND I missed Scott Stapp falling cuz I was busy watching this chick stuck in the 80's dancing and laughing in my head.

Was I even there?

Anonymous said...

Which one is Tim? Was he there? I only have eyes for JD.

Wilma said...

Tim always wears sunglasses and was playing guitar up front stage left beside Garry Gary Beers.

He's dreamy!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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