Saturday, March 04, 2006

Weekly Top Six

I've decided that every week I'm going to list 6 things. About whatever. Just like David Letterman, except not as good cuz he does 10 things daily. But you get the drift.
So this week it's Top 6 Things I'm Looking Forward To...
6. learning my lines for the play (it will happen before opening night)
5. watching the Cabri Prairie Players perform a play I wrote.
4. getting rid of this headache I've had for 3 weeks - it's not a tumor!
3. my splurge shopping trip.
2. travelling to LA in May!!
1. travelling to Hawaii in April!!!


Anonymous said...

Am v. excited that you are now blogging, as it entertains and amuses me. On a serious note, your headache probably is a tumor- did you get that thing checked out?

Love, 'Not The Loser'

Wilma said...

It's not a tumor - it's NOT! Ok, it probably is, but I'm not getting my forehead peeled down and my bump scraped down until the wrinkles on my forehead need stretching out. So, next week?

Anonymous said...

i think you better get that hangover tumor looked at I ahve a friend who is going in to get hers removed she has a tumor bump on the side of her head they don't even have to shave her cool huh