Friday, March 24, 2006

Opening Night Report

The show went well. We had about 55 people in the audience, but they laughed like 80! Had several moments where I had NO CLUE what to say next, this is starting to worry me a little. Maybe my headache bump is pressing on the memory part of the brain. Someday, I will get it checked ~ Conrad was harassing me about that yesterday.
Stopped at the office to check on ticket sales and 2 people were in picking up tickets. Word of mouth is traveling around town and we are selling more for tonight and tomorrow. Those 55 people deserve a great, big, sloppy, cottage cheese kiss from me and BamBam!

This morning woke at 7:30 in the AM (no alarm clock or crying cat) and couldn't get back to sleep. Now this never happens to me. I can usually sleep in till 5 pm if I want to. Maybe my headache bump is pressing on the part of my brain that controls sleep. {A-HA! light bulb moment} I can blame ANYTHING in my life on the headache bump. Slam your car into a light post? "My headache bump is interfering with the motor control part of my brain." Get falling down drunk? "My headache bump is causing my impulse control to spin out of control."

This is brilliant! I may have to start a new blog.


Wilma said...

Or the headache could be from putting my hot rollers in too tight.

Anonymous said...

You have a headache bump too!!!!! You're a genius, I never thought of blaming everything on the bump!

Wilma said...

Thanx much, but I prefer Super Genius!
And yes, I predict the bump blaming is going to get me through some rough times.

Wilma said...

Yeah. That's it. You caught me.