Monday, March 13, 2006

Adventures in Cabri ~ Numero Deux

So off we go to the town hall which is right behind the hotel. Greeted by a Fabulous photo board of Cast (my name also on in a big gold star). Ask at the front table for tickets ~ am recognized as author and fussed over a little. Find table (not at front as promised, a little disappointed but I get over it). Get drinks served to the table ~ very classy ~ and meet the director. A few anxious moments as we wait for Puffy's brother and wife to arrive.
Show starts; no MC, no intros, just lights down and away we go. First act, fabulous. Have another drink during the break, and OMG second act is here already! Also well done. Tiny break while they change set ~ they've built a catwalk right out the front of the stage ~ how friggin' clever! And lined it with string lights. Third act starts. They are using two podiums on either side of stage for Gerry and Toni. Nice idea.
Added a couple lines to the end which work really well. They intro me to crowd after and I get a round of applause. Don't intro cast or crew and it's over.
Off we go backstage after the show to meet all and chat. Conrad and Bronco B, A & P go to bed an hour before we do. Get tour of backstage, dressing rooms, etc and then decide to head home. No music playing in hall at all but lots of people are still socializing and drinking.
All in all, a very emotional rollercoaster day. Play went over well in Cabri. It's nice to know that it translates to other communities. Overall impression ~ VERY pleased with their interpretation and happy to have been in audience.

Favorite parts:

  1. Alice getting stage fright during Q & A.
  2. Carla picking stuff out of the bottom of her shoe because she is so bored during first act.
  3. Stage crew staying on and holding the palm trees for the whole beachwear segment!
  4. Gerry ~ appropriately slimy ~ entering dressing room for the 3rd time with his shirt undone completely.
  5. Vivian elbowing the person next to her each time she says "As the old saying goes".
  6. Gerry catching Toni unaware in his entrance in act one by laying an unrehearsed big fat kiss right on her lips.
  7. Elizabeth playing to the crowd by model-striding to the end of the catwalk for her Q & A.

Least favorite parts:

  1. Vivian's evening wear. Way too hip for Vivian.
  2. Elizabeth being mic'd (although she did have a sore throat, but I still don't agree with it)
  3. Toni getting along with Gerry.

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