Monday, March 13, 2006

Adventures in Cabri ~ Finale

Everyone we talked to that night knew we were staying at the Hotel (built 90 years ago) not the Motel (built 10 years ago). They all said the same thing "Well, {pause} at least it's clean". And it was. The staff there was very nice and we didn't need anything more. We only slept there one night and as Puffy said, it was kinda like staying at Peanut's cabin, what with all the wall board.
Had a fabulous breakfast, packed up and headed out by 10 am (yes, people. I was up by 8:30 so there!) As we drove out of town, I remembered that I had vowed to ride the antelope, but alas, it had snowed lots in the night and since I had only brought one pair of pants, didn't want to risk sitting in wet jeans all the way home. Drove home in snow all the way which made quite a mess of the car. Amazing for all the snow they had gotten, we still have a lot more here.

So, glad to be home ~ El Diablo was happy to see us too. The Moochers managed to get another meal out of us before heading home. Had a great weekend, a fun trip, and met some really nice people. Have asked for a copy of video so will have a viewing when it arrives for anyone who wants to see their version.


Anonymous said...

My buddy Denny Crane said that If I didn't put some of my comments on this "blob" he wouldn't share his scotch and cigars with me.

Funny all I can think of is that ice laden car sitting in the garage drooling all over the place!

Anonymous said...

It was a wonderful funny funny play, with the audience clapping with the play,
How did YOU get all the conversations to MESH?
Royalties ?

Wilma said...

Royalties are nice, but they don't buy a whole lot. A couple of rooms at the Cabri Hotel (one with sink!), and breakfast for two.
Thanks for the compliments!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chickie:

Sorry I couldn't make it- looks like it was a lot of fun. Love to see the video!