Friday, July 29, 2016

Before I Go

Before I go
Tell me a story:
Remind me of that time we laughed until our faces cramped,
Share an adventure we took,
Talk about your thoughts of when we first met.

Before I go,
Touch me:
Hug me, longer than usual,
Kiss my cheek, my temple, my forehead, 
Hold my hand or rub my feet. 

Before I go,
Promise me:
You will remember how I made you feel,
You will share photos & stories,
You will think of me & smile.

Before I go,
I need you to know:
I've loved you, deeply,
I treasure all time I've spent with you,
You made my life better,

Before I go,
Talk to me, even though I can't answer,
Hold me, even though it may hurt,
Look at me, even though I've changed, 
Because, before I go, 

...I'm still here.

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