Sunday, June 26, 2016

I Smurfed A Smurf Smurf

My gawd, but I am in Lurve with mini-gardens (commonly known as "fairie gardens"). I've been yapping about doing one for months... I've been scouring Pinterest looking for any & all ideas. I've been coveting all the little arches & furniture & mini clotheslines & hammocks & small plants & planning! Oh, the planning.

Puffy Kracker just wanted me to Shut. Up.

I lucked into a sale & purchased a little house, a picnic table, fence pieces, & some stepping stones about 3 weeks ago. I stole some small plants from Conrad & Bronco Bill (including a baby pine tree!). I crafted up a wishing well, bridge, & gate (thank you, glue gun & popsicle sticks). I decided that my barrel planter would be the perfect   location. But I just couldn't figure out my theme...

Until I was rooting around in the toy box for some mini stuff to give Sissy for a practical joke & discovered my long-forgotten Smurf figurines from B.A. (Before Adulthood). & suddenly, everything clicked into place.


My Smurfin' Smurf Garden

Bridge over Stream lined with river rocks 

Stepping stones, gazing balls (marbles on golf tees) & a garden gnome

Like seriously. This kills me. How Smurfin' cute is this?

Picnic area with wishing well & chiminea (Caltrate bottle with hole cut in the side, spray painted)

It's a Smurf picnic! 

The Smurf under the umbrella has such a funny look on his face! I think he's worried about skin cancer.

These 3 are so happy-go-lucky!
Door ajar - apparently, they were born in a barn.
Aerial  view of the best time-waster I've come up with in a looooong time.(note woodpile by the chiminea) 

I've since added a row of cedars behind the house, & across the stream. I Love it SO HARD!

Already making plans for next year (Fraggles, Sesame Street, Garfield, & South Park - oh my!)

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