Saturday, November 19, 2011

Just Call Me Clumsy Carp

You know how everyone always says “Break a leg!” before a performance?  No?  Well, they do.  It’s a theatre tradition, a theatre superstition.  You never say “Good luck!” or some evil will befall your production.  “Break a leg!” is the theatre way of wishing someone a good performance.
Well, I almost took that literally last night.  We have been hired as the entertainment for a corporate Christmas party, so last night we headed to Harmony to take our set & props & have a quick rehearsal to get used to the space.  This space:

Now, Dodge may not be a booming metropolis, but we sure as shit have a kick-ass hall to perform in! 
This is their community hall.  The place people rent for weddings, anniversary parties, & Christmas parties.  The place where dinner theatres are performed. AND it’s above the rink.  Yup. There was a hockey game going on last night which we could watch through handy windows along the side of the, ahem, “hall”.

These are their stage lights.  Yup.  That’s it.  OH!  & the blue valance curtains are rimmed with fluorescent lights.  Yup. Tubed, fluorescent lights!
Harmony is over twice the size of Dodge.  It boggles the mind!

Anyhoo, so we were figuring out just what we were going to do, when MistyLou discovered the stage curtains, cleverly hidden behind Door #2
We wanted to see what they looked like, check out our options, so I started pulling them out along the track that rims the “stage” {or “Giant Box on the Floor”}.  They came in two sections & as I stepped in to grab the other section that was just out of my reach, I soon learned that the floor was not where I assumed it to be ~ that is, level with the stage ~ but 3 feet lower.  I learned the hard way, literally, as I fell in a heap through Door #2 into the inky blackness of the curtain cubbyhole.

Would now be a good time to mention that I’ve been experiencing severe back problems which have included several trips to the hospital for a shot of muscle relaxers in my ass, 3 visits to the doctor, 1 emergency room stop, & enrollment in physio?

Yeah.  It’s been a great fall.  Literally.

Thank jeebus that I woke this morning with bruises & sore spots, but no re-injury of my back {so far ~ knock on wood}.  I think the pain killer & muscle relaxer I popped as soon as I got home last night might have saved me.
I am SO this guy:

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Blondi Blathers said...

Glad it wasn't more serious, little darlin' -- but is an injury what it takes to get you bloggin' again? Hmph!!
Always good to hear from you.

Belle said...

It's an awful feeling to start falling! Glad you are okay.