Monday, October 17, 2011


Busy.  Gosh, so busy.  I'm a busy little bee buzzing around from project to commitment, from work to theatre to the-place-where-I-worship to volunteer & back again.  Soooooo busy.

I am busy, busy distracting myself from what's wrong.  Busy ignoring the symptoms of depression.  Busy putting off things until "tomorrow" that should be dealt with today.  

Soooooo busy. 

I am busy tweeting.  I am quite caught up in the world over at Twitter.  140 characters are much easier to deal with.

All this busy only serves to make my brain worse, not better.

Jeebus help me if I ever pause to take a breath, to take a quiet moment, to take a minute or 2, or hour or 7 to actually concentrate on things that have been neglected.  

Because the crushing weight of it all will smother me.


Belle said...

Yes, we can keep busy to avoid thinking. I do it too. Sometimes I dread my prayer time because it means I will be thinking about serious subjects: people who need help, how much I need God's help, etc. I don't want to think about that, but if I don't things don't get resolved, they just lay there in my mind like a miry bog.

Kristen Huizar said...

Greaat read thankyou