Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Word Of The Day ~ Obsession

Theatre has been consuming my every waking {& most of my sleeping} thoughts.  I'm completely & utterly immersed once again in theatre & all things theatre-related. 

We've been rehearsing our show since the middle of January - 3 times per week.  I'm directing & producing, something I swore I would never do simultaneously again.  Ugh.  Some day, I may learn to listen to myself. 

In our group, the director is in charge of all things that happen on the stage ~ costuming, tech, acting, & has final say {kinda}.  The producer is in charge of overseeing all things related to the production. All. Things. This is, in a word, overwhelming for one person to do both jobs.  It was a quirk of fate that I ended up with them.  AND it will be the last time I do it. 

Not having quite enough theatre in my schedule, I headed down to The Bourg to see Shirley Rice's play on the weekend.  I was SO very proud of her & her 4 friends who collaborated on writing their own script.  It was fantastic to see her & other Bourg friends again, & to watch her first show with her was great.

Once our production is done on Saturday, I have 7 days to recoup & then it's theatre again!  Festivus starts Easter Sunday, & I'll be motoring on down to The Vag to spend a week immersed up to my hairy armpits in theatre & theatre people. 

What can I say?  It's in my blood.


Belle said...

Sounds exhausting, but exciting! I don't blame you for not wanting to direct and produce at the same time.

Queen of Halloween said...

Producers job is one I will NEVER do in our productions...too HARD and nerve wracking! I have had thoughts about trying directing but find herding the cats a hard enough job as stage manager. Can't imagine trying to get them to do the tricks...;} One thing about our productions is the lack of people wanting to do those jobs? It's sad to hear the pleading in ones voice to get those wanting to just watch to help out...very sad
But then that applies to most of the volunteer help that is needed for our community celebration in July...most just want to watch!
Great job directing and producing girl! The difference was noticed by me!
Well done!