Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Love/Hate #6

In a black mood.  Mad at the world.

Currently hating:

  • my new computer that died of a corrupted hard drive.
  • feeling overwhelmed by jobs, volunteer jobs, the never-ending clutter in Chez Wilma, & life.
  • the pain in my knees that show no signs of abating.  Now I must get X-rays for fuck's sake.  Surely there is a pill/drug/shot for this? 
  • the fact that despite exercising & watching what I eat, I've gained weight.
  • the never-ending grinding vibrating noise that my dishwasher makes that the appliance guy seems unable to locate/hear/fix despite making 3 visits to Chez Wilma. 
Currently loving:
  • nothing.
Bah Humbug!


Belle said...

I don't know if you have tried glucosomine sulfate for your knees or not. It helped both my mom and me.

Anonymous said...

Wilma it helped me too however took about a month before it "took".

Cheer up Wilma you have so many positive things you have been blessed with....your beautiful inside and out, you have a sense of humor that kills, etc etc

(in all honesty I think it might be the weather cuz I felt exactly like that last week!!)

love yah

Wilma said...

Yes, thank you both. I started taking them right after you told me about the positive results you had.

Still waiting for them to kick in, but will be patient...