Monday, August 30, 2010

I Wish I Knew How To Quit You

One of the things that I am most proud of,  & most known for, is my involvement in community theatre.  I've been a member of the local troupe in Dodge since 1994 & despite taking my ball & going home several times, I always come back to it.  Theatre truly is my soul mate.

Miss Lizzie B. & father {1994}

I started out playing the small, ingenue roles & after 3 years, added producer & treasurer to my job description.  In my 6th year, I started directing.  I began writing plays in my 10th year, & tried my hand at stage managing.  Last year, I pretended to be the sound person.  I wasn't very good at it 

Elaine Harper... Come On Down you sexy thing! {1996}

I've been a board member of the provincial organization 3 different times ~ twice being appointed by the president, which isn't as impressive as it sounds since both of them were close friends & desperate to fill vacant positions ~ for a total of 6 years  {I think ~ I'm a little hazy on the details as we always seem to get drunk at meetings after meetings.

Cinnamon Schmidt & her handsome boyfriend {1997}

During my 16 year career, I've worked with some amazingly talented people, & a few not so amazing & not so talented ~ you know who you are... & I've learned so much about not just theatre, but myself, too.  I've learned I can memorize 65 pages of dialogue.  I've learned to overcome any last shreds of that shy girl I used to be.  I've learned there are no small parts.  I've learned to embrace the chaos & disorganization that is theatre & theatre people.  I've learned to subsist on 3 hours of sleep per night for a week & still be semi-coherent. & I've learned to trust that others will pull through in a pinch.

Gussie Richardson prepares a drink for herself & Carmen {2006}

I've met sooooo many people & made soooo many friends. Without theatre & the connections I've made, my life would be bereft. No fun at all.  Sad. Pathetic.  Pitiful, really.  

Oui, Oui Fifi!  It is fun, n'est pas? {2010}

My tally, by the numbers:
  •  11 One Act plays 
  • 15 Full Length Plays 
  • 13 Provincial Festivals
  • 17 roles
  •  4 plays written {& produced!}
  • 1 acting award
  • 1 directing award
  • 2 Best Play awards
  • 4 Runner-up to Best Play awards
  • 2 Honourable Mentions for acting
  • 1 Centennial Leadership Award
  • too many friends to count
  • 1 fabulouso lifetime of memories!
We had our organizational meeting on Friday, picked a play, & are gearing up to start rehearsing for festivus yet again.  Melfort won't know what hit them....


Anonymous said...

I love you and your boyfriend in 1997....ha ha

Belle said...

Being in the theatre has always looked interesting and fun to me. Have a great time with your new play.

Blondi Blathers said...

Nice to see photos of you!

Anonymous said...

bring it on babe

Blue said...

Go girl go!
I have great memories of sharing theatre with you on my Praireland visits & Festivals
That '97 Boy friend look a bit too familar to me...

Marion said...

Sounds terrific...what an amazing gift you have decided to share with the world. The photos are great!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing, wonderful life you're living. Oh, the day you shall write a book and share your theatre experiences with the world.