Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ground Control To Major Tom

I've been experiencing some stress in my life lately, stress that is {for once} not directly linked to Puffy.  I kid. 

As you may recall, boys & girls, I purchased The Rocket on July 12th on our way home from the lake.  "So, what did you do this weekend?"  "Um... the usual.  Went to the lake, bought a car."  For the first time in my car-buying life, I was not able to take my new mobile instantly.  The guy at the place insisted that their mechanics give The Rocket a thorough going over to replace anything hinky, & send it out for detailing.

I was unaware that this was even an option when buying a car.  Apparently, I haven't been spending enough up to this point. This is something that I shall rectify in all future car dealings.

So, off I went in to ToonTown on July 17th, hungover & all, to pick up my new prize possession that I'm paying for with my own money with my very own loan.  I feel like such a grown-up!  Pretty soon, I'll be using words like "forthwith" & carpooling in the kiddie lane ~ which is pretty much every lane here in Dodge, seeing how everyone except Puffy & I seems to have skipped the birth control seminar in grade 8.  Smiley

But, I digress.

So, I brought home The Rocket & everything was sunshine, rainbows & lollipops for about 10 days.  That's when I noticed a strange clunking sound coming from the rear... of the car, people.  Of the car.  When I hit bumps.  But not every bump.  Conrad heard it.  Bronco B heard it.  Alan Clarke heard it.  

It started to get worse.  Now, it was not only heard but also felt.  Trixie felt it.  I felt it.  I called my car salesman guy & told him what the dealio was.  At his request, I took it to Uncle Dan {not really my uncle, but that's a story for another day...} & he heard it, too.  Uncle Dan checked everything & found nothing wrong.

The clunking continued.

My joy with The Rocket was diminishing by the day.  The clunking started to happen when I would turn corners.  Not every time, & only when I turned left.  Sweet jeebus, why me?  Why?  Why can't I just enjoy my Rocket?

I took it to another mechanic.  Same thing.  He heard it.  He felt it.  Could not find anything wrong. 

Wilma is getting antsy.  You know what it's like, ladies.  YOU KNOW what I'm talking about.  You know there is something wrong with your car, but it won't do the thing it's been doing/make the noise when the mechanic is around.  They pat you on the head like Cindy Lou Who & send you on your merry way with a glass of water.  SOOOOOOO frustrating!

Now, I could have given up.  I could have given in.  You would think that, wouldn't you?  After all, The Rocket had passed the inspection of THREE mechanics.  I should just take my car & go home, ignore the occasional clunking/thunking sound & drive it like you own it!  Well, that's just not me.  I never give up!  I never give in!  When I am right, I will continue to search until I find someone who tells me that yes, damnit, you are right, Wilma!

I called the Chev dealership in K'Town.  Talked to the Service Manager.  Explained what was going on.  He said to bring it in & he would take a ride with me.  So, I did.  & he did.  Then he put The Rocket on the hoist & gave it a thorough check.  Then he took it for a spin with another mechanic.  Then he came back & they looked under it again.

I was right.  There was something wrong.

& he found it!

24 days, 4 mechanics later, I've been diagnosed with worn out rear control arm bushings, causing the control arm to twack against the bracket making the thunk/clunk sound.  Velvis & I have theorized that maybe they were dirty bushings, too but we aren't mechanics....

I'm in love with Leo & he will be my 2nd husband.  But, for right now, he's my new favourite mechanic.  

Mayhaps I should take The Bullet down there & get him to diagnose that, too?


Roan said...

My brother (who is a farmer and thus must be a mechanic) always tells me to turn up the radio. lol But, me who had a front wheel fall off the car when I was a mere 18 years old, must know what that sound is. After all, I could be about to lose another wheel and take a wild ride. Glad you found the problem. ;)

Marion said...

Exactly what I thought 'the clunk' must be...bushings!!! yeah, right, haha...isn't it the most frustrating thing when nobody can diagnose anything wrong with your car when you are absolutely sure there is something!

Belle said...

Our Kia has been in the shop four times this summer. We get it home and it runs quiet and smooth. Not a week later the shudder and clunking comes back. They keep fixing things (to the tune of $1,500) but I don't think they are fixing the right things.
It is shuddering again and I told hubby I'm not going to drive it any more because I don't want to have it die on me in the middle of the crazy traffic in this city.

Wilma said...

Oh Belle ~ that is So frustrating!

Don't give up. Keep at them until they find it.

Anonymous said...

all else fails--blame it on the "dirty bushings"--lol.

gotta love Leo for fixing your problems