Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Insert Title Here

I can't write a blog post without first thinking of a title.

There.  I've said it.  That's my issue.  

This is why I have been so infrequently hanging out here at DBM ~ I've got my own, crazay version of writer's block happening.  

It's the same when I write plays - have to have a "catchy" title first, then the story flows from there.

How OCD.  How embarrassing {you know, if I were the type of person to get embarrassed}.

In other news.... 

The Rider plate will be mine!   After jumping through 12 hoops, bribing 6 officials, talking with 2 SGI reps & a partridge in a pear tree, the plate will be mine.
I must:

  1. first replace the FLINT plate on Puffy's car with a Rider plate. 
  2. cancel the FLINT plate.
  3. submit a letter signed by Puffy authorizing the transfer of the FLINT plate to me!  MY PLATE!!  This frosts my considerable behind.
  4. reapply for the FLINT plate under my name on The Bullet.
  5. order the FLINT Rider plate for The Bullet.
  6. wait patiently for the plate to come in the mail.
  7. put FLINT Rider plate on The Bullet & put this whole mess behind me.  
And we shall never speak of it again.

1 comment:

Queen of Halloween said...

You forgot the Amen...;)

Give that brain a shake...something will fall out...;)

Miss your writings kiddo...