Sunday, March 21, 2010

Conversations With Puffy

Moi: I wonder if Bronco B is coming with Conrad when she visits tomorrow?
Puffy: Oh, is she coming back again? Better plan on making something for supper.
Moi: Yes.  The hobbits are back again.  Gosh!  They eat so often!
Puffy: How long is she staying?
Moi: I have no idea.  I finished that shirt I was sewing.
Puffy:  Already?!?
Moi: Yes.  Unlike Conrad, I like to work on a project until I'm done.
Puffy: Well, they have no sense of time or due dates.  They are like Mexicans ~ there's no rush, what doesn't get done today can be worked on tomorrow.
Moi: Yes!  They are Mexican Hobbits!  It takes them so long cuz they do so many things by hand when they could use a machine.  They are such techno-phobes.
Puffy:  Like the Amish.
Moi: YES!  They are Amish Mexican Hobbits! 


Two hours later....
Moi: HA!  Amish Mexican Hobbits!  Hahahahahaha!
Puffy: You're going to blog about this, aren't you?
Moi: Absolutely.
Puffy: Am I going to credit for the parts I contributed?
Moi: Write your own damn blog if you want credit. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you know how I love the Amish (lol),

ahhh Bronco B and Conrad Amish Mexican Hobbits

too funny

love yah