Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It Smells Like No Tanning Lotion You've Evah Used


Anonymous said...

Yes! Thanks for posting the lotion...I'm going to look online to see where I can get some. You never did say how purty it makes you...just that it smells great.

You should know that I suck at self tanners...not like in a big suck zebra look, but still...I streak a bit. You'd think at my age I'd learn to properly apply. Oh well, I will keep practicing!

Thanks again:)

Wilma said...

The secret to a good self-tanner application is to rub it on in overlapping circles. That should do away with any streaking issues.

It is a very natural looking tan & will only take you so dark - not scary orange-dark. You can apply it every day to maintain your tan.

There are 2 kinds, for Fair Skin Tones & Medium Skin Tones.