Tuesday, February 09, 2010

344 of 365

1. Visiting with my waxer/confidante/therapist/friend during my appointment this morning.  
2. Getting a new Hempz Sunless Tanning Lotion.  It actually smells good ~ no lie!
3. Feeling better after a work-out that I really, really didn't feel like doing.
4. Getting in a quick chat with the work girlz from the Land of Loose.  
5. Lost one pound this week.  It's not much, but so happy to be going in the right direction!

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.


Anonymous said...

Really?!? A tanning lotion that smells nice? Awesome!
Congrats on the pound...I always celebrate the small things:)....

Speaking of which, I can't believe how close you are to completing your 365 days of Grace! Aren't you excited?!

Wilma said...

I know! 20 more days to go... I can't believe that I have actually stuck with this. I have a history of losing my enthusiasm for projects halfway through.
But I am getting more stubborn the older I get, so that may account for my dedication.

Will post a pic of the new lotion here soon - it really does smell good.