Saturday, February 06, 2010

3 Inches Away From Sexy

You may be wondering why I've become so obsessed with exercising  health conscious lately, what with the exercising & the treadmilling & the whole hoopla with the diet bet.  Well, boys & girls, to be perfectly honest, it has a lot to do with the surgery I had last year, & a teeny, tiny, wee bit to do with vanity.

Whilst recovering from the surgery, the morphine OD, the 7 inch incision on my belly, the loss of 4 pounds of internal bits, I was {quite frankly} useless.  I couldn't get out of bed by myself.  I couldn't sit.  I couldn't stand.  I couldn't lie down.  My arms, legs, back were so weak from atrophy lack of exercise that I was as helpless as a baby.  A baby with no skeletal structure.

One of the things I was instructed to do was walk.  The walking was supposed to help my muscles recover & re-attach themselves, plus build up my strength & a whole bunch of other things were going to happen ~ good things ~ if I kept up my walking & increased it daily.  The walking was my prescription to wellness.

I was quite vigilant on my walking.  For a while.  Until my incision healed, & my abdomen healed, & I started feeling all better.  

Then I caught a severe case of "The Lazay" & didn't do much of anything except sit on the couch playing on the computer eating bag after bag of The Devil.

January hit, & Peanut & I started another weight loss bet.  Sweet jeebus, when will I learn?  Then I was cast in our play as a sultry seductress.  Then I realized I will have to be on stage in this:

I am currently in-between sizes at the costume place we are ordering from & with a dress like this, you want it to fit.  So I have 3 inches, 3 soft, flabby inches of years of beer & martinis on my waist that I need to get rid of in order to fit the size.  You bet your sweet bippy I'm working out ~ as hard & as long as I possibly can without damaging major body parts.  Not only do I want the costume to fit...  I wanna look good!  

& there isn't a lot of "costume" to camouflage the parts that don't look so hot, so I am supah Mo-Ti-Vay-Ted. 

The $$$$$$$$ I'm gonna win from Peanut won't hurt either.   Mayhaps I can use it to pay for the costume... or new running shoes!

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