Monday, January 18, 2010

So, Um, I've Been Partying & Stuff...

Sweet jeebus, what a weekend.

15 women, aged 25ish to 70ish, road-tripping to The Jaw, drinking & spa-ing & eating & laughing & generally having a bang-up good time.

Someone, not mentioning any names {ahem...Wilma...cough,cough} may just possibly have gotten a teeny, tiny, wee bit drunk & poured herself into bed at 9:00 PM Friday night. NINE. PEE. EM!  In my defense, I had some dental work done on the 8th which has made my mouth supah sore & my teeth supah sensitive, resulting in a week of nothing but applesauce & liquids, so mayhaps that contributed to my inability to hold my liquor like the martini-swilling booze hound I normally am.

It's true. Honest to blog.  

What?  Oh, is that old now?  Well, considering I just upgraded my Sony Walkman (cassette version) to an iPod, I think I can milk that a little longer.

But, I digress.

Thankfully, mercifully, did not have a hangover on Saturday.  Had lunch with Betty & Sunshine {held her for almost 30 seconds before she started wailing.... Sunshine, not Betty}  went for a dip in the pewl, got beat up by a masseuse with the strongest hands evah, got bee-you-ti-ful, went shopping, bought the hottest shoes evah, went out for supper, back to the hotel to drink, bed by midnight.

Sunday, we packed up, had a late brunch & headed home.  So tired.

It was a more relaxed, less party-animal trip this year.  You know.... except for getting floor-lickin' drunk on Friday.  The things I do to amuse The Ville Mafia....

Oh yeah.  The shoes.  Dontcha wish you had a pair of these beauties?  Half price.  Real leather. Miz Mooz.  Their name is Burnette.  I'm not even kidding.

I shall be the belle of the ball!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh, L-O-V-E the kicks...err, Ms. Burnette is it? Too pretty.
Sounds like you had a blast w/the girls and I was seriously


at the 'honest to blog'. You kill me.