Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ABBA Knew What They Were Talking About

Last week I was on a high, a real high.  High on life!  I had done all my figurin' & listin' & weighed my expenses vs. my expected income, & January was going to be a good month.  If I wasn't totally off my nut, I was gonna come out ahead 400 smackers.  $400!!!!   That's a big load of cashola, a big bucket of change for Wilma, let me tell you.

I had plans for that money.  No, I wasn't buying purses & shoes ~ I was gonna put it toward my teeth.  My bee-you-ti-full teeth that I will have someday soon.  Yup.  That $400 was gonna buy me almost half a tooth.  Almost.

So, when I innocently picked up the mail today, little did I know, little did I suspect that contained within was fly in the ointment, so to speak.  

Stoopid bullet & it's stoopid licence due February 4th making me 300 clams in the red.

Ah, but you're soooo cute.  I can't stay mad at you!

Love you!  Mean it!  

I'll just pick up some more shifts at Le Cocque Rouge.  It'll be fine.

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