Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Forget The Egg Nog ~ Where's The Rum?

Like everyone, I am crazay busy. The Christmas season is a time of hustle & bustle, of rushing to & fro, of shopping & baking & cleaning & writing & singing & volunteering & ... oh yeah, travelling to VEGAS BABY!

I may have mentioned a time or two my adverse reaction to the holiday season. I thought mayhaps this year, what with the travelling to VEGAS BABY! & all, I would avoid it.

How many times can a super-genius be wrong before "they" remove the super permanently from her name? I would prefer not to find out.

Monday morning crashed down on me like a mountain during an earthquake. It was the bitchiest I've been in, oh, about 1 year. I was horrified. I couldn't imagine carrying that with me until after the 25th. It would have been soul-crushing, not to mention divorce-inducing.

Thankfully, I awoke yesterday with rainbows & kittens on my mind & managed to keep that mood throughout the day, through 3 of the most annoying customers in the world, through no supper, through yet another Christmastime obligation last night, right through til bedtime.

Yay me!

Did I mention that I went to VEGAS BABY?!?!?

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Queen of Halloween said...

Hang in there kiddo! Your schedule looks no wonder your out of sorts ;) Looks like you guys had fun in Vegas. Knowing you guys I KNOW you had fun. Have as much eggnog as you can during this stressful time. Thinking of you!