Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Got Got Got Got No Time

Holy crappin' arseholes, Batman! I'm leaving for Vegas tomorrow with Hussy & Peanut, & still have to pack!

Hell, I'm still doing laundry so I have something to pack. I'm tempted to take an empty bag & get new clothes... oh, but my bank balance says an emphatic "NO!"

I lurve, lurve, LURVE to travel but I hate packing. HATE IT! When I win the lotto, I will employ someone for that purpose & relieve all the stress from my body.


Speaking of relieving stress from my body, guess what I did today?

Got a massage! For the first time since September! & before that was January. I am aghast! No wonder I've been bent up like a crone for the past week. Of course, standing chopping potatoes for several hours probably didn't help. Maybe.


Ok. I'm off to get my poop in a group. Enjoy this while I'm gone:


Anonymous said...

Wilma is currently having way, way more fun than Christine.

Make the most of it and try not to sleep while you're there...only on the plane ride home!

Roan said...

I hope there will be pics and stories upon your return. Merry Christmas! BJ