Friday, October 09, 2009

I'm Pretty Tired, & I'm Not Feeling Right

I'm not going to lie to you ~ it was a beeeyotch of a day, boys & girls. After getting only 5 hours of sleep {thank you SO MUCH, Stephanie Bond, for your amusing & engrossing novels} I worked the morning at the office job, ran home, changed clothes, fixed hair, then worked the afternoon at the bank.

The gale force winds sucked all my residual energy away; the styling boots I wore cramped my feet; the constant interaction with people taxed my poor, tired brain. Too tired to cook something for supper, I made do with a sandwich & some canned peaches. Too tired to watch football ~ I thank Jeebus that the Riders are not playing tonight...what would Karma do if I fell asleep during one of their games?!?

My abdomen is feeling...well, off. There are things going on down there that, in all honesty, I'm just really trying not to think of. I can't do anything about it until my Stalked Doctor appointment on Wednesday, so all I can do is hope it's just a minor set-back due to over-exertion too soon. That's all it is, right? It's not a herniated bowel or anything, right? My uterus hasn't decided to grow back, right? Yeah, so tired, that's all I can think of right now.

Did I mention that my Stalked Doctor is leaving me moving away for greener pastures? Yup. I finally have that man trained to laugh at my jokes, give me drugs whenever I ask for it, & remove unnecessary organs upon request & HE IS MOVING AWAY! {SOB!}

It's a good thing I'm exhausted right now & can't deal with my abandonment issues. He better hope I don't have a good night's sleep Tuesday or he is going to get such a look! I may even lose it, Berline. I just may.

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Queen of Halloween said...

Too much...too soon! Hope you didn't include too much lifting too. Get better soon.