Sunday, October 04, 2009

Thank You For Adding Your Beauty To The Pool

I was dragged, kicking & screaming, back into reality this week.

After the whole Magda episode, I decided that as soon as I was able I was going to get in some pampering time. So, after getting the go-ahead from my doctor at the beginning of the month to resume living life, I made my reservations & drove 4 hours to spend two nights, three days at The Spa this week, soaking in the warm, healing waters, sleeping in, getting a massage, enjoying a pedicure, napping, & spoiling myself with room service.

I got in a great visit with The Pope, an amazing woman & former fellow actress who taught me TONS about theatre by setting a good example. We met for drinks, dinner, & gambling! YeeHaw ~ me likey the gambling.

I also managed to meet & greet a brand spankin' new baby, the beautiful Miss Sunshine, & yes, boys & girls, I held her. Several times. & she only cried a bit. Okay, fine. Every time I held her, but that only means she's normal. All babies do that to me. Can't imagine why....

One thing I learned this week was that I was made for pampering. This may not be news to some of you out there ~ okay, anyone who has ever met me has probably already made this discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at The Spa, & reluctantly came home in order to work Friday. Friday was a crazay busy day at work, pushing money & answering questions. I only sat down twice during my entire shift. I was exhausted & in pain by the time we closed & wishing I was back in The Spa.

Whilst at The Spa, I noticed that the clientele was, um, how shall I say this delicately? Slightly aged. I imagine that the water feels as good on their infirmities as it did on mine. Sometimes we callously dismiss the elderly as unable to add anything to our experiences. Sometimes we regard them as no longer contributing to society.

Sometimes we are wrong.

One bright-eyed, smooth-talkin' lad of approximately 80 years gently interrupted me as I rested my head & my eyes at the side of the pool. "Excuse me," he said, in a melodious tenor. I lifted my head. We made eye contact. I lazily noticed his were a bright blue. "Thank you for adding your beauty to the pool," he said to me with a slight smile.

I smiled in return & said thank you.

What a great line, huh? I'm totally stealing that for a play.







I'm thinking he was quite the playah in his day.


Queen of Halloween said...

Probably still is...made your day...:) Great post

Poopsie aka Blue said...

That certainly is a fine opening line.
Glad you had a relaxing fun time @ the Spa - I love that place - would visit again in a moment.

Anonymous said...

OMG--fabulous ok I am not quite the 'elderly' stage--(getting close though) you add beauty to my pool of my life as well