Sunday, August 23, 2009

208 - 234 of 365

July 28th to August 22nd:

SO, with the whole death of
Magda & her bitch sisters, hospital stays, recouping, hanging with Conrad & all the other bits that have been going on at Chez Wilma, I've slacked off considerably on my graces each day. They've been there, don't get me wrong, but I've been a little busy napping, reading, & watching the first season of 24 to find the time to blog. So, I figure I've got to find 27 days of graces & do it quick before they overwhelm me & I collapse under the weight of obligation.

Oh boy! I just did the mental math on that {picture the monkey in my head, feverishly working the abacus} 27 x 5 = 135. Um, that's a whole lotta grace. Let's see if I'm up to the challenge, shall we?

1. Getting my passport renewal sent off
2. with little difficulty & only 15 minutes of my time.
3. Bowel prep drink not as horrendous as last time I was blessed to take such a concoction.
4. Calm & relaxed, a sure sign of making the right decision.
5. Harassing my buddy Spike whilst he is at work & can't harass back.

6. Blood pressure & heart rate right before my operation better & slower than Puffy's on a good day.
7. Operation scheduled for 2 hours done in 1.5.
8. Finding out I'm a happy druggie.
9. Surviving a morphine OD, thanx to Puffy bringing my condition to the nurse's attention.
10. Meeting all the staff on shift.

11. Visit from Mo & Jethro brightening my day.
12. Having relatively no pain & no cancer!
13. Von checking on me, then coming back to visit with her hubby who I haven't seen FOR YEARS.
14. Von, trying to help me shift position in bed, punching me in the chin, making me giggle. Oh crap! That hurts!
15. Flower deliveries.

16. Having a shower!
17. Getting the IV removed from one hand, & tapped off from the other.
18. More visits from friends ~ Lizard, D-wayne & 2 sprogs, Kitty, Digger, Laur, Trixie, Von {again}.
19. Phone calls from many people checking up on me, including FancyPants from Taiwan.
20. Feeling loved & cared for by all those concerned about my health.

21. Getting IV removed.
22. Phone calls from friends.
23. Going home.
24. Conrad & Bronco B making time to take me home.
25. The new bed in
the sick room.

26. Naps.
27. Pillows.
28. Home-made soup.
29. Riders beating the Stamps.
30. Clean jammies every day.

31. Glad of the decision I've made, as I nevah, evah want to go through this again.
32. Cordless phones.
33. Laptops.
34. Naps.
35. Home-made buns.

36. DemonSpawn sleeping with me every night.
37. Vanilla lotion.
38. Headbands.
39. Shrimp.
40. Puffy received his passport.

41. Passport received! So quickly. Colour me impressed.
42. Dilaudid.
43. Flowers still hanging on.
44. Cards in the mail.
45. Get well wishes on Facebook.

46. Emails from friends.
47. Naps.
48. My uncle calling to check on me.
49. Conrad taking care of me.
50. Puffy having patience.

51. Texts from friends.
52. Snooping into a creepy guy's past
53. to help out a friend.
54. Losing weight.
55. Feeling a little better every day.

56. T & J coming to visit.
57. Getting most of my staples out.
58. Receiving a box of Purdy's Chocolates. Yum!
59. Receiving a bottle of wine. Double Yum!
60. The Riders. Even when they don't win, I still like to watch them play.

61. Looking at holiday photos from Ireland, & only slightly envious that they aren't mine.
62. Brunch.
63. Visiting with T & J.
64. Enjoying their funny stories.
65. Remembering why we used to visit them so often. Good times. Good times.

66. Relaxing after company.
67. Happy that company cleaned up after themselves.
68. The Rockford Files.
69. Jim Garner.
70. Nostalgia.

71. Getting the rest of my staples out.
72. Getting teased by the new doctor.
73. Incision is sealed.
74. Naps after my big outing.
75. The reason for
my independence!

76. First day on my own.
77. First day by myself in weeks.
78. AlleyCat came to visit
79. & bringing flowers from her garden.
80. Being able to survive without a care-giver for a few hours. Priceless!

81. T2 & Conman coming to visit
82. bringing me flowers,
83. videos to watch & books to read.
84. Ronnie also visiting,
85. bringing a care package & Seasons 1-3 of 24.

86. Conrad & Bronco B spending the day
87. making me soup
88. & a meal for Puffy
89. doing my laundry.
90. Gladys bringing me prezzies.

91. Shirley Rice coming to visit!
92. Getting to see Maid Marion.
93. Sitting outside for the first time.
94. Drinking Bud Lite Lime ~ 2!!
95. Sharing stories & rehashing memories & laughing despite the pain it caused me.

96. Sleeping in.
97. Brunch.
The Hangover. This movie, I swear to Jeebus, caused me internal bleeding.
12 Rounds. Worst movie I've watched this year, but OH! was it fun making fun of it, hey Shirley? "Danny! He's got a gun!"
100. Knowing, that if shlock like that can be made, there is still hope for me!

101. T3 & Mr. Right coming for a visit.
102. The Riders beating Hamilton.
103. Making plans to see Shirley Rice again.
104. Getting caught up on Bif Naked CDs.
105. Making it through the whole weekend without smoking. I am SOOOOO winning this bet!

106. Letter from my
107. making me smile
108. & feel special.
109. 24. So far, I'm liking it! Although, I really have to pay attention, & I've got the A.D.D. now. I think the morphine OD did something.
110. Oh, look! A pretty bird!

111. Conrad & Bronco B spending the day
112. doing laundry,
113. changing beds,
114. roasting chicken, making soup
115. & banana bread with chocolate chips!

116. Phone talk with FancyPants.
117. Mint tea.
118. Losing weight.
119. Walking to the corner & back
120. all by myself!

121. Friend 20-year reunion/drunk-fest plans coming together.
The Flying Troutmans. Excellent book... made me laugh out loud! Ouch!
123. Kit Kats.
124. President's Choice Soy Milk.
125. Sandalwood candles.

126. Family Guy ~ Peter has a stroke. "I'm sick of being all strokey!" I can relate.
127. The Riders. Oh, so close! I thought they were going to go the distance!
128. Avocados.
129. The Internet. Keeps me in touch with the world.
130. Phone chats with Betty.

131. Small town parades
132. that go right by my house
133. so I can watch from the comfort of my couch.
134. Friends in the parade throwing candy onto my lawn.
135. Friends in the parade phoning me whilst driving their float to harass me for "being too lazy to sit on the deck", then sounding sheepish when I say I can't sit on that furniture yet cuz it's uncomfortable.

Ok. Seriously. This was not easy! Now I need a nap.

Clawing my way to happiness through 365 Days Of Grace.

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Carrie said...

lookit you, lady! way to go on catching up with your list!! That's almost inspired me to get caught up on my stuff. Almost.

glad you are feeling better!