Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Answer Gal ~ News?

"So, Answer Gal, what's your reaction to the top news stories of today?"

  • We don't need another 'Footloose'. The original was just fine, thank you very much. I'm not impressed with this generations belief that they can "improve" on the un-improvable.
  • I'm proud of The Queen. Very nice.
  • Obama wins! All last week, I was calling him Osama. I'm sorry, Mr. President. I have an issue with names; it's called Alzheimer's. Don't nuke Chez Wilma!
  • Gas prices are dropping in Ontario. Well, bully for them! The gas is frickin' pumped out of the ground 10 minutes from my home & I pay more. Fix that, you price fixers!
  • U.S. voters hit the polls in record numbers. Just another example of how our two countries are different, as Canadians stayed away in droves for our election in October. Lazy asses.
  • Ugh. That's enough. The rest is too depressing for words. No wonder I avoid the news like the plague.

In other news, I'm heading out, I'm skipping town, I'm leaving today! Yup, off I go on a festival {not to be confused with Festivus} excursion. I'll be back in Dodge, tired & hung-over, sometime Sunday.

Great weekend to all!

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