Thursday, September 04, 2008

A Whole Lotta Bitchin' Goin' On

This morning, I woke up with the biggest case of bitch I've had in a ling long time. I was so grumpy, so busy stewing in my own angry juices that it took me a good 7 hours to get out of it.


  • got a bad hair cut. Why is it, I ask you, when you tell the hairdresser you don't want to lose any length & just want a trim, why is it always the time when you come home with a COMPLETELY different haircut that is 4 inches shorter? Oh, & with bangs that look like I got after them during a drunken binge with carpet scissors, yup they really cap off the look. Just what I was going for, classy mentally challenged.
  • dyed my hair a couple days ago using a new brand & different colour of dye & it is WAAAAY too dark for me. As in, the darkness of my hair has leached into my soul & made it dark & scary & bitchy. Thank you very much, Garnier Dark Blonde. Yeah, it's as close to my definition of dark blonde as I am to winning an Olympic medal in Speed Skating.
  • sore neck & back causing pain. & a headache. Pain bad. Pain make Wilma mad.
  • A nice tumor zit is growing precisely in the middle of my forehead. One of those blind zits that just forms a face you can converse with but never comes to a head. How did I discover it? All the frowning I was doing was causing the tumor to radiate throbbing pain. Nice.
  • Spent 4 hours on the books for the-place-where-I-worship. Mayhaps wouldn't have needed to spend so much time if I'd done more work in the last, oh, 4 months. Or any work.

How did I eventually work my way out from under the Storm Clouds of Doom? {Judging by the previous writings, I really haven't}. Put Carol King on repeat & sing along until you actually feel the earth move under your feet.


Anonymous said...

I do recall once I was in a grump shlumpy panda mood . But I got under a pagoda It wasn't Ling Long Pagoda but it was a pagoda It helped, It always seems to make me smile lying under a pagoda sometimes even scream but that's another story. Here's hoping you get out of your schlump.

Fairy Mae said...

eww...thats too bad. I kinda liked the hair do. Gotta get back to the nice n easy I guess!! But I think your beautiful no matter what! Grumpy and all!


Wilma said...

That photo you're refering to was Pre-cut. I liked it too.

No one will be taking a photo post-cut. In fact, I'm not leaving my house until my hair grows out.