Thursday, September 04, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday ~ DemonSpawn

I lurve cats. I've always lurved cats. As a child, growing up on a ranch, we had batches of kittens every year & I always claimed at least one kitten of each batch as "Mine!". As soon as Bronco B would inform us that a litter of kittens was imminent, we would stalk the mother cat, then search all the hidey holes until we found the kittens.

Our job, as productive, contributing members of the ranch, was to tame up the new kittens so we wouldn't have a bunch of wild crazy cats roaming the area. & we took our job very seriously. Every day, sometimes several times a day, one or all 3 of us could be found snuggling, playing with, petting, brushing, napping with the kittens, usually in thee barn.

I can only imagine what we smelled like when we came into the house for mealtimes!

The DemonSpawn was a ranch kitten. One rainy, windy, blustery day in late September, Conrad & Bronco B were in the house & could hear this howling, screeching cat outside. They were sure that a stray tom was harassing the local cats, as the noise was quite loud through the rain & closed windows. Conrad sent Bronco B out to see what was going on, as surely death was coming soon to the poor distressed creature.

Out into the rain B went, & after searching & following the sound {sort of a poor man's "Marco Polo" game} he found this poor bedraggled & soaking wet two week old kitten, obviously lost, hungry & cold.

Bronco B picked him up & snuggled him in his arm. The DemonSpawn started purring & bit B's finger. Yes, he was a spunky thing from day one!

Knowing Puffy & I were looking to adopt a furry, four-legged roommate, Bronco B took him inside, dried him off, fed him some milk & called us.

We went out that evening after work to collect our new family member. He was so young that we needed to feed him with an eye dropper for the first 2 weeks that we had him!
Isn't he a handsome boy?
Looking innocent, but lethal as hell on his castle.
His favourite place in the house.
15 years old, & still as playful as ever!

Now, don't be thinking I'm a bad mommy! I have buckets of photos of the DemonSpawn from when he was really young & really small but in my infinite wisdom I've done some "organizing" & can't for the life of me find any of them!

Sigh. Such is the life of a super-genius super-procrastinator.

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Kyanite said...

A lovely doting mum post about the DemonSpawn.
I recall my brief glimpse of him...
He is a handsome cat& whats a little attitude between friends.


Roan said...

DemonSpawn is a handsome fella. He reminds me of my cat Pooh, who sadly is no longer with us. My brother, his wife, and 4 children came to visit me in Dallas. When I came home from work, Pooh had my sister-in-law and one of my nephews standing on the sofa to escape her playful paws. It was a sight! BJ

Fairy Mae said...

Great shots! The video is cute too!! He truly is cute and bad with attitude all at the same time!