Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top 6 Things I Wish Today

6. That the Herpes didn't explode on my face yesterday, making me all contagious & yucky.
5. That the speechy thingy I have to write would magically appear on my laptop, through no effort or thinking on my part.
4. That I kept better contact with my friends.
3. That when something is about me & only about me, people wouldn't try to make it about them, detracting it from being about me.
2. That pain would be a distant memory.
1. That I could have time in a bottle.


Roan said...

6 excellent wishes. Good luck with that. BJ

Wilma said...

I also wish I could figure out the damn photo adding thingy on Blogger. Why does it only add the photos to the beginning of the post?

It makes for a long editing process. Someone explain, please!