Friday, September 19, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday ~ Savage Chickens

Oops! Late to the party!

One of my fav things is something that I discovered a year ago ~ the Savage Chickens comics created by Doug Savage.

What a neat concept! Daily cartoons on sticky notes featuring chickens. I subscribe, & get a giggle in my email box every morning. Sometimes, it's the only email I get. Sigh.

This week, there has been a pirate theme & it's making me laugh.

Go to his website & wander around a bit. I'm sure Doug's chickens will amuse you.

Favourite Things Thursday is hosted by Blue.


Kyanite said...

I only know of these chickens because of you, never seen them this side of the pond, but they are funny.
And I could do with a laugh.
Blogger is driving me mad, it's got a serious glich re Edit Posts.
And, a so called blog friend has given me absolute shit via email, because I haven't been commenting on her blogs. She's four including a private one which she's just withdrawn my access too, to punish me!!!

Can't help re the photo thing, I can down load @ any stage of writing my draft.

Re your wish list - hope you're okay...and you get your wishes.
Not sure about the time in a bottle one, shouldn't it be sharing a bottle?


Nydia said...

Never heard about them, thank you, they are hilarious! :o)

Great favourtite thing!

Kisses from Nydia.