Saturday, September 13, 2008

Faces Of Faith

What does the word "faith" say to you?

Most people think of religious views, of a blind belief in something bigger than all of us.

But here in Saskatchewan, where hearts pump faster on a double-header night, & blood runs green in support of the Roughriders, faith means something completely different. Faith in the Green & White is tested every single time the boys take the field. Faith is telling yourself, over & over, that they will prevail somehow, even if down by 17 points with 15 minutes of regulation play left in the game. Faith is drinking beer during a game despite an upset stomach, just cuz that's what you always do & they always win, so you must not change your routine or the delicate balance of Karma & Chance may be destroyed. Faith is most definitely blind. Faith in the Riders is a harsh mistress, no doubt must be allowed to creep in or the wrath of Fate will step in & stomp them.

I am very faithful with my faith. I don't lose it, even under the most strenuous circumstances. Puffy loses faith all the time ~ just last week, in fact. He often gets quiet, then fidgets in his seat, then throws his hands up in disgust & leaves the room to check his emails. {P.S. ~ that's when the boys usually score.}

Tonight, another test of faith. The Riders meet the B.C. Lions {Boooooo! We don't like them! They are mean, nasty, dirty players & they smell.} in The Lions' Den.

Keep the faith.

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Navigating The Rapids said...

As I loyal Bomber fan I must secretly like you despite your devotion to that other team.