Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Le Médecin Dans Medicine Chapeau

After a long summer {with even fewer summerlike days for your holiday pleasure} & an even longer 7 weeks of work {my God! How did I survive?!?} I'm back to having my time be mine own. Hurrah! Hizzah! & all that other good stuff.

Sunday afternoon, Puffy & I went on an adventure. Well, not so much an adventure as a car trip to Medicine Hat for a doctor's appointment. But, it was kind of an adventure as neither of us had been on an overnight trip to the Hat {as all the cool kids call it} in our lives! Evah!

So, off we went after consulting several Google maps & friends, plotting our course to best take advantage of strategically placed towns for bathroom breaks {small bladder, really active ~ yet another thing wrong with me. Sigh}

I slept most of the way as the ol' stomach was acting up & I took a Gravol to settle things which made me SOOOOOO SLEEEEEEPY. Surprisingly, the friends knew more than Google & The Hat really is only 3 hours away from Dodge. Who knew?

We stayed at a great hotel, although sadly full of children {damn waterslides!} & ate at a fab restaurant where I stuffed myself on sushi & salmon. Literally stuffed. A quiet evening beached on the bed watching TV followed. Gosh, the romance isn't dead yet, hey boys & girls? The next morning, my fav part ~ ROOM SERVICE!

Then off to the neurologist, where I found out I'm not neurotic after all.

Some sights & sounds of our big adventure...

the big Saamis Teepee

the South Saskatchewan River

Big, scary-ass bridge, the kind that always make me cry & hyperventilate

More River area

More River area

& then I napped.

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