Wednesday, July 02, 2008

We Have Liftoff!!

First post with my brand-spanking new computer.

What shall I write about today?

Mainly, things are going well here at Casa del Wilma. Puffy & I have done more socializing in the last 4 days than we've done in the last 4 months.

  • Saturday, we bade official farewell to Betty & J-Rod, who abandoned us moved to The Jaw of a Moose. Drinks, BBQ, & Rockband all helped to keep our neighbours awake until 1:30ish.
  • Sunday, Puffy & I took FancyPants to ConMan's farm for a pop-in visit & ended up enjoying their hospitality until 11:45 pm. Their talented son made us mojitos with fresh mint, as well as collaborating with his mother on a fantastic supper. T2 sent me home with a 3x2 foot bag stuffed with videos & books. I won't need to leave the house for 5 months.
  • Monday, I worked a short shift as I was overwhelmed with nausea & dizziness, exasperated by the hottest day of the year & a broken air conditioner. The girls sent me home early, & for that I am eternally grateful.
  • Tuesday, invited to BBQ at Fritzy & Tamm's. Also, squeezed in a visit with neighbours after the boys dug new postholes for the replacement fence.

So, although the dizziness & nausea continues {drove to work with an ice cream pail in my lap this morning ~ just in case} I'm trying to be upbeat.

Finally getting my computer sure helped!

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Anonymous said...

Am delighted the lappy finally arrived from Del and that the social life is great out in Prairieland.
You sure will miss Betty & J-Rod.

Take care of youself now!