Sunday, July 13, 2008

Thank You

My friend Blue has awarded me this...

for which I humbly offer her my thanx. I take my writing very seriously, even if it doesn't always show, & to be recognized for my efforts is always positive & flattering.


Spent the weekend in the beautiful city of Wetaskiwin {sorry, there's nothing more funny that I can do with that name} crashing attending the wedding of one of my former university-era roommates. Swervin' Mervin looked dapper, relaxed & ecstatically happy throughout the day. His beautiful & petite bride matched him in mood.

It was one of the best feel-good weddings I've ever attended.

The best part? I wasn't invited!! I went as FancyPants' date & felt as welcome as any legitimate guest there.

The next best part? I saw & reconnected with a uni friend that I haven't laid my baby blues on in over 15 years. We chatted & exchanged emails, swearing to keep in touch this time. We'll see if these vows will be kept. I'm not the best keeper-in-toucher. Yup. That's actually a term used in everyday conversation.

The third best part? Met two people who went to school with a couple of my in-laws, so now I have something fun & new to talk to them about next weekend at the big Kracker Family Ho-Down Reunion, Bonfire & Drinkfest.


Travelled to Wetaskiwin with friends that I've known & lurved for many a year ~ almost as long as I've been with the Puffster. We've drifted in & out of each other's lives several times over the years, depending on what twists & turns our lives have taken, & I am so pleased & happy that we're in an "On-Again" phase. They are so freeing to be around, so accepting of all aspects of my complex & rather neurotic personality, that it is an absolute joy to be in their presence. They are people that I can be myself with, all of myself, warts & swears & farts & chain-smokin' & chain-drinkin' & all. What a pleasure!


One last tidbit ~ I was called to a repeat visit with my Stalked Doctor last week. I went, wondering what in the world he could possibly want to discuss about my recent blood tests. Success! There is something quantifiably wrong with me! I'm deficient in Vitamin B12, symptoms of which include:

  • anemia, fatigue, weakness, constipation {I wish!}, loss of appetite, and weight loss {I double-wish!}.
  • Deficiency also can lead to neurological changes such as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet.
  • Additional symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency are difficulty in maintaining balance, depression, confusion, dementia {it's a-comin'}, poor memory, and soreness of the mouth or tongue.

Any of this sound familiar?

Now, you may ask, how on God's green earth does someone become deficient in what is so clearly an important body building block? I like alliteration. I don't eat a lot of protein, & I don't eat any dairy besides the rare bit of cheese. Protein & dairy are, naturally, the best sources of Vitamin B12. Also, those who suffer from frequent diarrhea & bowel problems {both hands up high} also have trouble absorbing all the necessary nutrients from their food.

According to one website I accessed, normal B12 levels are 200 - 900 some sort of units that made no sense to me. My level was 105.

So, while it's not certain that this is that cause of what ails me, it is a distinct possibility & so I am striving to correct this issue before my dementia is too far gone by eating some form of protein at least once a day, & taking supplements.


I shall be at the lake for a few days, doing my damndest to throw a whole bunch of chocolate martinis down my gullet. I'll be back Thursday!

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