Thursday, July 17, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday ~ Red!

I lurve the colour red. Red seems vital, alive, energetic, & beautiful to me. It's my favourite colour to wear, as I look fab in it!

I lurve red roses,

red hair {I once dyed my golden tresses red. When I came home, Puffy took one look at me & said "Now, if only your eyes were green!" He walked funny for 3 days. True story.}

red clothes {got married in red & here's the dress}

red shoes {these are so hot!}

red purses,

red drinks,

& especially, red wine!

Red things I don't like? Blood & sunburns.


Kyanite said...

Now that is a red post & fine tribute to your favourite colour!
Just reading it's given me a much needed boost
Loved the red hair tale - LOL!
And, those shoes - can you really walk in them???

Fairy Mae has joined in this week too, which is great.

Wilma said...

Yes, I can walk in them ~ just not for very long!

I forgot my new red computer!