Thursday, July 24, 2008

Favourite Things Thursday ~ Books

As I've said before, I'm a big reader. A big fan of the printed word. I have a large & varied collection of books in the office {as well as piled here & there throughout Casa Wilma}. I've also recently started using my local lending library again ~ was once a dedicated patron when my sister slaved there 3 afternoons a week ~ where the staff {all 2 of them} are helping to expand my reading horizons.

When I was in grades 1-6, we could order books at school for a reduced rate through Scholastic Canada. The Flintstones didn't have a lot of money, so all of my orders were paid for with my piggy bank proceeds. I'm sure I can remember the teachers rolling their eyes seeing me with my order form & an envelope full of nickels & dimes. I was a junkie. I couldn't get enough. I ordered every time. My mother didn't approve {reading=good. buying books=bad} so I would have to sneak them into the house & hide the books in my room.

Now I do the same thing with purses.

But, I digress.

My favourite genre is the murder-death-kill book, but I am surprised & proud to say that I'm branching out, enjoying some more thought-provoking & emotionally charged novels.

The first book I ever read:

My favourite book of all-time:

One of my favourites series started with this book:

An impulse buy that turned out to be a complete pleasure:

My favourite play:

The book that changed my life:
Books. Just thinking about them makes me sigh with pleasure. Cracking one open, devouring its contents in a single sitting, reading late into the night or during a rainy afternoon, what a fabulous past-time.

My dream? To someday have one with my own name on the cover. Isn't it everyone's?


Anonymous said...

Go for it. Seeing one's name on a cover - and in the National Library of Canada catalog and the Library of Congress catalog and in the catalogs of libraries even closer to home - doesn't get much headier than that.

Kyanite said...

This post is of course very close to my own heart, as an avid reader too.
When I'm in town later today, I'm going to have to go & buy The Handmaids Tale, as I've yet to read it, and it comes so highly recommended by you.

Kyanite said...

Got it!
Will start reading over the weekend!

Anonymous said...

Blue ~ I hope you like it as much as I do. It really makes me think of future possibilities & consequences of laws & practices of government.

french panic said...

Green Eggs & Ham. Oh how I looooooved that book.

(Aside: I once worked with a woman who had IBS and developed a complete martyr complex - she was a massage therapist and would tell her clients all about her woes - including details about her horrifically dysfunctional family. Needless to say, she had a client roster full of the most neediest, complaining, judgmental twits in the attracts like......)

(more aside: I've also met IBS folks who are rather normal and have learned to deal & not suck everyone into their vortex of pain. Just wanted to be clear. Actually, another massage therapist I worked with had Crohn's, and she was one of the funniest people I have ever met.)

Wilma said...

Frenchie ~ I certainly hope I'm one of the latter!

I've been contemplating posting my continuing IBS saga. I think you've changed my mind!

Kyanite said...

I'm flunking out reviewing the Handmaidens tale, I think...
That is one powerful & disturbing tale, no wonder you recall it so well, I was totally unprepared for it's story line.
I'm going to actually re-read it straight away - that's a first.
More later...