Saturday, June 21, 2008

Top 6 Things Making Me Smile Today

I've been working away at being grumpy & out of sorts {repeat thyself much?} lately, so today I'm attempting something new ~ being happy!

So, in the spirit of being happy, I'm keeping track of everything that makes me smile today. In no particular order:

6. I've set my Google page theme to "Kitties". Now it displays different photos of kitties doing different funny stuff & it makes me smile & say "Aw, kitteeeeees!" every time I go on there.

5. I complained at the grocery store that their service was too good today. Yup. Complained about good service. Every cloud has a grey & grumpy lining! Well, really, I went down to buy some last minute needed things for Splurge tomorrow, & to further procrastinate from writing the thing I need by tonight so I can get it printed somewhere before tomorrow morning cuz we are out of printer ink, & the girl had my stuff all bagged up before I could hand her my reusable bags. So I complained. With a smile on my face & a teasing tone to my voice, mind you. But how often does someone complain about good service? Only me.

4. All my flowers are planted in their planters & still alive. Granted, I only bought them yesterday but you take the good where you can get it.

3. My neighbour across the street {not the one with the fire ~ their house still isn't ready to live in} waved & smiled at me. I don't know her well, or at all really, but it made me smile, too.

2. Dell hates me. Yup. Still no computer. Are we keeping track? I ordered the new computer on June 1st. It is now June 21st {Bronco B's birthday & Prince William. Happy Birthday Boys!} & no computer. When I check the order status, the Estimated Delivery Date is June 16. When I tried to email them enquiring what the holdup was, their email query form would not work. When I tried to phone them, they wouldn't tell me anything because said order is in Puffy's name. & that makes me smile because I firmly believe the Privacy Laws are going to cause the destruction of civilization as we know it, & all you can do in the face of all that bureaucratic nonsense is smile whilst gnashing your teeth. You read it here first, boys & girls. When it happens, you can saw "Oh, yes. Wilma predicted that ages ago. She's so smart. In fact, I think you wouldn't be remiss in calling her a super-genius." Yup. That's what you'll say.

1. My other neighbour. He makes me smile. Last week, he was outside discussing fence issues with Puffy, & I came out for a smoke & to eavesdrop & he said to me, "Are you out here to do some yard work?" & then he threw his head back {literally} & laughed, guffawed really, at the joke he'd just made. I laughed too. Puffy laughed hardest of all. I am not known for spending much time out there & our neighbours are doing something in the yard every day. They are the ones that make me feel like an inbred trailer trash hillbilly with the bee-u-ti-ful yard & the purty flurs. The fact that he made the joke ~ very funny ~ & the fact that he feels comfortable enough with us to poke fun at me, makes me smile.

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Scratchings in the Dirt said...

I know what you mean about the privacy laws. They are my pet peeve. I do the books for the farm, and I always get the runaround when talking to banks, leasing companies, SaskTel, etc. One day I lost it a little bit, and suggested that if my dear husband dropped dead tomorrow, I was pretty sure they'd be lining up to talk to me!