Sunday, June 22, 2008

Squeeky Wheel Getting The Grease


Guess what happened yesterday? Dell shipped my new computer. That's right, boys & girls! The day after, THE DAY AFTER Puffy phoned to inquire what the hell was taking so long {I was rudely told that it was none of my business as the order was under Puffy's name ~ damn Privacy Laws!} the computer was shipped.

Isn't it amazing how the "back-order of parts" was cleared up? Just like that? Amazing. That Amari or whatever the guy's name was that Puffy talked to must have wreaked havoc on the boys in the lab. Can't you just imagine the conversation?

Amari: Hey! You guys! What the hell? These people have been waiting for their computer for 20 days, & there you sit playing canasta & flicking your nose boogers at each other.
Guys: Whatever, man. We're paid by the hour. We'll get it done when we get it done.
Amari: You get going & put this thing together. I had to lie for you. LIE! That's against my religion, you know. But anything to save face for the company.
Amari & Guys: {mindless monotone} The company is king. The company is good. The company is all.
Amari: Now, put that thing together & ship is out already!
Guys: Fine. {snaps case together}. There. Pack it & ship it.

This better be the most fantabulous freakin' computer I ever laid my hands on, I'll tell you what.

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Anonymous said...

Hi there!

I hope when it arrives it's brill.
Mine's a Dell - the best EVER moey I ever spent!