Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Me & Mr. Jones

I'm still in awe. I'm still in shock. It's shock & awe all around at Chez Wilma.

Monday night Betty, The Old Bag & I took in the Sir Tom Jones concert in The Big City. Can I just say, can I just mention, how freakin' fabulouso it was?

First ~ we were able to score primo seats in the second row. Yup, we were seated in the Orchestra Pit, the section that doesn't even appear on the seating map.

Second ~ Sir Jones did not disappoint. That voice! That accent! He moved, he danced, he shook his pants! He sang old favs, some new, some cover, & even a George Jones song {Frenchie, this made me laugh like a hyena & I thought of you}. I am currently working on a concert listing.

Third ~ one of the backup singers was the most beautiful man. I tried desperately to get a good photo of him but, alas, it was not meant to be. You'll have to take my word for it, he was pretty. Or, you can see him in living colour.

No, Tommy did not sing this song, but it's an amazing version. Just amazing.

Fourth ~ ran into T2 & T3 who were seated in the front row & may have been responsible for a panty or two being tossed onto the stage. Oh, they make me joyful.

Fifth ~ I was unable to meet & greet the Pontypridd Tiger himself. I
worked hard at it, trying my damndest to score a face-to-face, writing a very eloquent letter to explaining our respect & admiration for Sir Jones & the inclusion of said Knight in all our plays, but was unsuccessful. He did tell us he'd be back, so I have some more time & some more chances left. He's only 68, you know!

This was the third time I've witnessed the genius that is Tom Jones in person, & it certainly won't be the last. Oh, Tommy. You still cause hearts to flutter!

Honest & for true, for as we were leaving, a paramedic & an usher went rushing past us with a wheelchair, headed to the auditorium.

Update: The lady sitting beside us had nevah, evah experienced Sir Jones in person. The 3 of us assured her that CDs do not do his voice justice, & she would be very impressed with his live performance. We saw her after the show {she was parked beside us in the lot ~ funny, n'est pas?} & she told us we did not lie. She thoroughly enjoyed the show.

Also, failed to mention the plethora of men in the audience. Last time we saw Tommy {March, 2004, I still have my ticket stub} there weren't many men in attendance. This time, I would say almost 25% of the audience were male & of all ages. There were 3 twenty-somethings sitting right behind us.


french panic said...

woo woo! I think this is funny - you were thinking of me, and on Monday afternoon, I was thinking of you: I was cataloguing some LPs of Tom Jones, from the '60s, where he was looking all cool and suave and Jonesy!

I was also having a chat last week with some friends who saw a band live (can't remember who) and were so enthralled that they bought a CD at the gig, but can't listen to it, because there's no comparison between the live show and the recorded stuff.

p.s. I was reading this with bleary morning eyes and at first thought you said "George Jones THONG". Because of course as soon as I see the name "Tom Jones", I've got underwear on the brain....

Anonymous said...

Gosh - seriously BLUE with envy
What a terrific concert to enjoy.
To think he's British & I've still yet to, have the privlige of seeing him... gritting teath here!

Blue, the cross!

Wilma said...

Frenchie ~ aw! We're symbiotically joined at the brain. Or some other such nonsense as that.

Blue ~ You gotta see him! You will like very much.