Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Top 6 Festival Stories

Ah, festival. The smell of the grease paint, the lure of the stage, the heat of the lamps, the laughter of the crowd... & then there's the plays!

Festival is such a fun, fun place to go; to see & be seen; to visit with friends only seen twice a year; to drink & laugh & fight & dance.

7 plays over 7 days, with workshops & green rooms that last well into the night {in theory, though not always in practice}, festival is a holiday that you need a holiday to recover from. It's all the things I lurve rolled into one big event: friends, partying, theatre, martinis, laughing ~ at & with people ~ staying up late & sleeping in.

Naturally, when you get a bunch of rowdy, dramatic personalities together for a whole week, you end up with a bunch of rowdy, dramatic stories. Some I can share with you, some I can't. But here's a list of my Top 6 to tweak your interest:

6. Breeze pitching a fit & a water bottle during the general meeting.
5. The invention of "half-time".
4. Seeing John Wayne, Howard Cosell & Jethro Bodine on stage.
3. Being called 'stoic'. That's a new one to add to the list, along with 'lady' & 'classy', that I just don't hear very often.
2. Boobsy McGhee & the paparazzi.
1. J-Rod receiving an Honourable Mention for Supporting Actor for his last role with us.

Honourable Mention:

  • seeing the lawnmower on the dance floor, not once, not twice, but thrice.
  • having the best run-thru of the play to date ~ peaking just in time!
  • rockin' the casbah {as I like to call the green room} better than any group out there.
  • receiving "The Green Room Award" for said rockin'.
  • getting the munchies at 5:30 am & lucking into a pizza sub with a side of peroghies.
  • eating McDonalds for the first time in over 12 years, & not becoming violently ill ~ I knew all that booze was good for something!

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