Sunday, March 02, 2008

Sore Back, Full Closet

Spent the day ironing. No exaggeration {cuz you know I would nevah exaggerate, right Boys & Girls?} The Whole Day. Yes.

Did a year's worth of ironing. A Whole Year. Seriously ~ how did I get this many clothes that I could have an ironing pile {well, actually it's a whole closet. Yes. I have a whole closet dedicated to holding my clothes that await ironing. Susan Powter is screaming in my ear right now.} that sat for A WHOLE YEAR without needing the clothes.

I mean, come on.

Meanwhile, my back is killing me, literally, as all that standing & twisting & repetitive motion{I really get into ironing whilst I'm doing it, when I finally get around to doing it, BTW} has strained my back somethin' fierce!

Also, managed to make the ironing pile a little smaller by discarding some clothes that no longer fit. Yay!

So now I'm looking at all these clothes wondering what the hell I'm going to wear first. Or if I'll ever wear them again. They require a lot of care & attention & work. Mayhaps I'll just let them hang all smooth & undisturbed for a while. Until spring. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Or maybe I'll just buy some new clothes.

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